The School's main building alongside Changanyikeni road.

Welcome to the School of Education

The University of Dar es Salaam, School of Education is among the four schools of the University of Dar es Salaam, others being the University of Dar es Salaam School of Law, the University of Dar es Salaam Business School and the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. The School is an exciting and a rewarding place to study. As part of one of the largest and most respected Universities in Tanzania, we lead the way in teaching and in conducting quality researches. At the School of Education we conduct outstanding research in education and related disciplines, and offer consultancy and outreach services. Here we gladly teach and learn. Welcome.

Research Findings

One of our researchers presenting her findings. Research is one of the core functions of the University.

Nursery School

Studying by doing. A nursery School Teacher enjoying learning with her Pupils in the classroom.

Primary School

A new building for our Mlimani Primary School which has all required facilities for learning.

Capacity Building

Empowering staff to be real enterpreneurs is one of the priorities of the school.
  • The long-term vision of the School of Education is to become a national, regional and international centre of excellence for/in knowledge creation, skill development, training, value and attitudinal orientation in the development of individuals and groups as human resources as well as in promoting research and evaluation through using indigenous faculty as think-tanks in areas of education and teaching as a profession.

  • The School of Education’s core mission is to: “Educate, train, induct and develop high-quality graduate teachers for the education sector, to conduct quality basic and applied research, and provide advisory services in education and teaching as a profession”. With this in mind, the School subscribes to its professionalist motto of “Gladly we learn and teach” or “As we teach, we learn further in order to serve better.”

  • The following are the pillars of the School of Education, i.e. the corner-stones around which its responsibilities revolve as a professional school:
    • Teaching;
    • Research in educational issues and related fields;
    • Outreach services;
    • Consultancy in and professional advice on educational matters;
    • Undertaking or else guiding innovations in education; and
    • Cooperation with other stakeholders inside and outside the country in efforts to improve the quality of education provision.
  • The key results-areas where the School of Education would like to realise positive outcomes/impacts within the period of the rolling strategic plan (2009/10- 2013/14) and beyond would be achieved through implementation of the following strategic objectives:
    • Access to UG and PG programmes in the areas of demand expanded;
    • Quality of graduates and post graduates enhanced;
    • Volume and quality of research and publications by academic staff increased;
    • Volume and quality of public services offered increased and boosted;
    • Outreach, networking and partnerships with key stakeholders and support institutions strengthened; and
    • The School’s institutional capacity improved.
Opportunities for our graduates to study abroad. More than 3,000 foreign companies come to our University to look for graduates who are ready to work with their companies.
Opportunities for our graduates to study abroad. More than 3,000 foreign companies come to our University to look for graduates who are ready to work with their companies.