The Department currently has 29 staff members, with eleven on leave of doctoral study. The distribution of academic staff on post in terms of ranks is as follows: 4 professors (formally retired), 2 associate professors (one of whom is formally retired), 3 senior lecturers, 7 lecturers, and 13 assistant lecturers. Academic programmes and students The Department offers two undergraduate degree programmes (a Bachelor of Education in Commerce and a Bachelor of Education in Adult and Community Education) and one graduate degree programme (a Master of Educational Management & Administration, MEMA). In collaboration with the College of Social Sciences and the College of Humanities, the Department also offers a Master of Arts in Education (MA Ed) on both a regular and an evening/parallel basis. The total student enrolment in both undergraduate and graduate programmes is 896. The Department is planning to offer the MEMA degree programme also on an evening/parallel basis because evidence indicates that there is a high demand for the programme. The Department is also thinking of introducing a new master’s programme in Management of Higher Education Institutions. There is demand for this kind of graduate programme on account of expanding private higher education institutions for which planning and management is often constrained by lack of sufficient knowledge and skill in the field.