The Department currently has thirty two (32) staff members on post, including nine (9) members on leave of doctoral study. The distribution of academic staff on post in terms of ranks is as follows: one full professor (officially retired) and three associate professors (of whom two are formally retired), 6 senior lecturers, 7 lecturers, 13 assistant lecturers and two tutorial assistants. About 51% of all academic staff members are on leave of PhD training. The Department is currently managing the teaching of a heavy load through co-teaching arrangements, along with a temporary retention of the retired staff. Academic programmes and students The Department offers two undergraduate degree programmes (a Bachelor of Education in Psychology and a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education) and two graduate degree programmes (a Master of Education in Science Education and a Master of Arts in Applied Social Psychology). The total student enrolment in both undergraduate and graduate programmes is 322. The Department is planning to offer a Masters Degree in Languages and in Measurement and Evaluation.